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About us

Alababic was established by experts at leading firms in the fashion, eCommerce industry and distribution goods. Alababic with the seasoned shoppers, experienced fashion stores and manufactories providing the best and latest international fashions and products for customers everywhere and anytime.
We are a site that's care all about people whether they are our employees, our customers or partners. We believe that having exceptional talents is fundamental to the success of our site that has been flourishing since we started four years ago.

Our mission

Providing services and products to your door, with the best choice for you is always in line with your potentials.
Work with us
The mindset at Alababic is that anything is possible. With the right people and the use of cutting edge of technology we can connect the world at large to the creativity of the individual. So our internal team is the best at what they do. Smart, creative, and motivated. Interested in joining the team?

Technology & Security

At Alababic, we use the most advanced technologies in the industry to offer our customers a comfortable, enjoyable and secure shopping experience any place any time. Our back office harnesses the latest innovations in the industry, allowing us to customize and personalize our offers to best suit the needs and preferences of our customers who are constantly updated on their device of choice through web and apps.

Products & Services

We offer a wide range of internationally acclaimed brands that cater to members with diverse needs and tastes by providing them with exclusive deals at up to 75% off retail.

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